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No side waste/closed lid policy

Middlesbrough Council has a 'no side waste', 'closed lid' refuse (black bin) collection policy. This helps to make sure all collections are made in a safe way. It also minimises waste, reduces costs, and encourages better recycling. Excess waste is unsightly, and damages the local environment.

When you put your bins out, all waste should fit inside the bin with the lid closed ('closed lid'). If there's waste left on top of, or beside, your bin ('side waste'), it won't be collected. The excess waste will be stickered to let you know there was too much side waste. It doesn't matter whether it's bagged or unbagged - if it isn't inside your bin, it won't be collected.

Excess refuse from one week can be put out for collection in your black bin on your next collection day (the following week), or taken to the Household Waste and Recycling Centre site at Haverton Hill.

Hints and tips to avoid over-filling bins

  • If your black lid refuse bin is over-full, keep any items which won't rot or smell until your next refuse collection
  • Where possible, squash any non-recyclable items to save space in your black refuse bin
  • Make sure there's nothing that could go in your blue recycling bin or green garden waste bins instead
  • Rinse and squash recyclable food and drinks containers, and flatten cardboard to save space in your in your blue recycling bin