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Safe use of your wheeled bin

Most households in Middlesbrough have wheeled bins for the storage and collection of refuse, recycling and garden waste.


  • Place the wheeled bin at the kerbside by 7am on your collection day
  • Where possible, place the handles of the bin towards the highway
  • Make sure all refuse is fully contained in the bin
  • Make sure that the lid of the bin is completely closed
  • Make sure the bin is returned to your property after it has been emptied
  • Call the Environment Contact Centre (01642 726001) if your bin is lost, stolen or damaged


  • Put heavy items like soil or rubble into the bin - an overloaded bin is a safety risk as it may fall from the vehicle while it's being emptied
  • Put hot ashes, corrosive substances, or hazardous materials in the bin
  • Put any additional refuse at the side of the bin; any refuse not contained in the bin will not be collected
  • Leave your bin out on the pavement between collections

Helpful tips

  • Number or mark your bin to stop it going missing
  • When thinking about where to store your bin, make sure there won't be anything which stops you wheeling the bin in and out of your property
  • If you don't know when your collection day is, please use the bin collection dates form to download your calendar
  • If your bin is full, please keep non-perishable items (items which won't rot, go bad, or smell) until the following week
  • Always move the bin using the handles
  • Take care when moving the bin over uneven ground, up or down any incline, or in poor weather
  • If we think your bin is too heavy, we'll put a sticker on it telling you what to do
  • If you're older or have a health condition which means you can't move your bin, and have no one to help you, you can apply online for an assisted collection. If you can't apply online, please call the Environment Contact Centre (01642 726001).