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England is now in lockdown again. A number of businesses must close and there are more restrictions on meeting people. Find out what this means for you.

Green waste collections

Four-weekly green waste collections will continue until the end of September. October and November will remain as scheduled, in line with previous years' collections. Please make sure you put your green bin out on the right day. Check when your bins are due for collection.

As part of our revised green waste service, we'll collect a small amount of additional green waste which is left out in suitable reusable bags. These may be the old green hessian sacks we used to use for green waste collections, or something similar. Alternatively, you can use other bags which make it obvious that the waste is part of your green waste collection. For example, heavy duty supermarket 'bags for life', which we will empty and return to your collection point.

We can't take green waste which has been left in black sacks or plastic carrier bags, as they contaminate the waste. For example, we've found that the green waste has been mixed with general waste left at the bottom of the bag. We also cannot empty dumpy bags as they are too heavy for our operatives to lift safely.

Keep our crews safe

Please help us to keep our waste and recycling crews safe and disinfect your bin handles.

If anyone in your house has symptoms of coronavirus, you must bag your waste and wait 72 hours before putting it into your refuse (black) bin. Put your waste in a bag and tie it securely, then put it in another bag and tie that securely too. Wait 72 hours before putting it in your bin. This is especially important if the waste includes things like tissues used by the person with symptoms. Make sure the bag is stored somewhere away from children.

Please don't put bagged waste into your blue lid recycling bin. Wash all recyclable items before putting them in your bin.

General reminders

Don't forget, your bin must be out for collection by 7am on the day it's being collected. If your bin isn't out by 7am, it might not be collected. It can be tempting to wait and put it out just before the time you think it's normally collected, but our schedules can change (especially at the moment), and you'll be left with your bin uncollected.

Please recycle as much as you can. It means there's less in your black refuse bin and it's also good for the environment. Don't forget to squash plastic bottles, cans, cardboard boxes, and anything else squashable, so you have more room in your bin. (Check out the recycling video we made at Christmas if you've forgotten).

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