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Recycle Week 2017

Recycle Week 2017 runs from 25 September to 1 October 2017. The official theme for the year is 'what goes around comes around' - in other words, recycling is definitely worth it! 

This year we want to show you how recycling items all around the home can be of great benefit for all the family and show you what can happen to the things you recycle. For handy hints and tips on how to recycle specific items, what to put in your home recycling, and lots more useful information visit the Recycle Week website

Did you know? 

Recycling deodorant aerosols can make parts for mobile phones. 


Recycling plastic bottles can make outdoor playsets. 


Baking a cake? Recycle your egg shells and fruit peel to create enough electricity to make a cup of tea!


Recycling your card can make more cardboard packaging. 


Recycling glass jars can generate enough energy to power your oven to make even more tasty treats! 


Football fan? Recycling shampoo bottles can help to make football shirts!


Finished with your Sunday dinner? Scrape the food left on your plate into compost to help you grow more potatoes to make more roast dinners!


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