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Reduced benefits (non-dependant deductions)

If you have someone, other than a partner, who is aged 18 years or over, living in your home, such as an adult son or daughter, elderly relative or friend who you don't receive child benefit for, a non-dependant deduction may be made in respect of them. This means you may receive less Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction.

Even if they don't pay you anything, we still have to apply the non-dependant deduction.

A joint tenant, joint owner, boarder or sub tenant are not classed as a non-dependant because they are not part of your household.

The amount of the deduction from your benefit depends on the circumstances of the non-dependant people living with you, and the amount and type of income they have.

A deduction may be delayed for 26 weeks if you or your partner are aged 65 or more and a non-dependant moves into your home, or the non-dependant's circumstances change, which would result in an increase in the deduction.

There are six levels of deductions, and if the non-dependant is in paid work (working for 16 hours or more a week), the level of deduction will depend on the non-dependant's gross income.

The table below shows the amount of non dependant deductions. The amounts shown are weekly figures.

Please note that if you or your partner are getting Disability Living Allowance (care), Attendance Allowance, the daily living component of Personal Independence Payment, or if you or your partner are registered blind, a non-dependant deduction won't be made from your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction.

It's important that you let the benefit office know if a non-dependant moves into or out of your home, or has a change in their income. Any delay may result in you being paid more benefit than you're owed, and you'll have to pay any overpayments back. You can report this by completing the change in household form.

Non-dependant status Housing Benefit deduction Council Tax Reduction deduction
Under 18 / on a youth- or work-based training allowance / a full time student / a prisoner Nil Nil
In receipt of Pension Credits Nil Nil
Hospital in-patient for 52 weeks or more, or someone whose normal home is elsewhere Nil Nil
Under 25, and on Income Support or Jobseeker's Allowance (income based), Employment Support Allowance (income related, assessment phase), or Universal Credit Nil Nil
Under 25, and in receipt of Employment Support Allowance (income related, main phase) £14.65 Nil
Aged 25 or over, and on Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance (income based), or Employment Support Allowance (income related assessment phase or main phase) £14.65 Nil
On Jobseekers Allowance (contribution based), or Employment Support Allowance (contribution based, assessment phase or main phase) £14.65 £3.77
Working less than 16 hours £14.65 £3.77
On maternity, paternity, adoption or sick leave £14.65 £3.77

Working 16 hours or more (i.e. in paid work) and gross income is:

- less than £133.00
- £133.00 to £194.99
- £195.00 to £252.99
- £253.00 to £337.99
- £338.00 to £419.99
- £420.00 and above