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Asset management

Middlesbrough is getting more support to tackle the spike in coronavirus cases. Find out more about the extra support.

All local authorities must produce an Asset Management Plan in accordance with DfE guidance which consists of three main components:

  • Condition - which looks at the state of repair of the school stock
  • Sufficiency - whether there are enough/too many school places
  • Suitability - whether school facilities are suitable to teach the curriculum

Ensuring our buildings are fit for purpose is essential to the successful delivery of education and other services to Middlesbrough's children and young people. We use a fair and transparent way of sharing out the resources available for building maintenance and improvements.

The council's asset management team manages the Education Service Capital programme, including the allocation and monitoring of DfE devolved formula capital funds to schools. It also offers advice and support to schools on any property issues they have.


For more information, please contact:

Asset Management team

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