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Special Education Needs

Home to school transport FAQs

What type of travel assistance will be provided?

If your child needs transport, they may be allocated a taxi, minibus, coach, or help with using a public bus service. This will depend on various factors, like how much space is available on existing services. Depending on your child's need, they may be offered travel assistance in the form of a journey plan, a refund of fuel costs, or travel training. We'll contact you in advance to tell you about the arrangements we've put in place.

What standards are expected of home to school transport contractors and drivers?

Only companies who are on our list of approved suppliers are allowed to bid for home to school transport contracts. To qualify for our list of approved suppliers, the company must be able to show that they meet certain standards for health and safety, financial security, vehicle safety, insurance, and driver regulations. We'd only use an operator who was not on our list of approved suppliers in exceptional cases, and only due to the bespoke nature of any requirements.

My child’s transport has changed from other years, why can’t it stay the same?

We make every effort to minimise any change to your child’s transport. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that there will not be any changes, either at the start of the academic year, or throughout the year. These may include passengers joining or leaving the route, changing pick up/drop off times, and staffing.

If the transport is late or does not arrive, what should I do?

We make every effort to minimise any disruption, but you may occasionally experience unexpected delays or problems. Please wait for 10 minutes after your scheduled pick up time before contacting us. If the transport has still not arrived, please call the Integrated Transport Unit on 01642 343447.

If the transport is often late, you can email the Integrated Transport Unit to at to discuss the problem.

What if my child leaves something behind on school transport?

Contact us and we will attempt to put you in touch with the vehicle operator directly, so you can make arrangements to collect the property.

We do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to a child’s property, and they bring such items onto school transport at their own risk.

You can contact the Integrated Transport Unit by calling 01642 343447 or emailing

Who should I contact if I have any concerns about my child's transport?

Please contact the Integrated Transport Unit team if you're worried about any aspect of your child's journey, including the behaviour of other passengers, or the safety or reliability of the vehicle. The sooner we're told about a problem, the quicker we can try and fix it.

You can contact the Integrated Transport Unit by calling 01642 343447 or emailing

What happens if there's a road closure?

We usually find out in advance about planned road closures. If school transport is affected by a road closure, we may need to organise different pick-up/drop-off points with the operator. We'd then let parents/carers know about the temporary travel arrangements.

In an emergency, roads can be closed without notice, which may cause delays to school transport. Please contact the Integrated Transport Unit by calling 01642 343447 if you're worried at any time about the late arrival of your child.

What should I do if my child is having difficulties with others on school transport?

Schools are responsible for the behaviour of children on the way to and from school, including while travelling on home to school transport. We expect good behaviour at all times on our home to school transport.

Please report any incidents to the school or your child’s Passenger Assistant in the first instance, and then contact Integrated Transport Unit by calling 01642 343447.

Can friends or parents travel on school transport?

Parents/carers, other family members, and friends who are not eligible to travel on home to school transport are not allowed to travel.

We cannot allow eligible children to travel other than on their own designated home to school transport.

My child has lost or damaged their pass, how do I get a replacement?

You can ask for a new pass by contacting the Integrated Transport Unit on 01642 343447. There may be a £10 administration charge to cover the cost of issuing a replacement pass.

What do I do if the details on the bus pass are wrong?

Please contact the Integrated Transport Unit on 01642 343447 and we will try to get you a replacement as soon as possible. From September 2020, children in Years 8 to 11 will continue to use their existing 2019/20 bus pass. We'll work with families to update passes where necessary throughout the autumn term 2020.

My child no longer needs a bus pass, what do I do?

Please let the Integrated Transport Unit Team know by calling 01642 343447.

In some cases, an unexpired pass will need to be returned to the Integrated Transport Unit team.

We're moving house, will my child still be entitled to free school transport?

We'll need to assess your child's eligibility again at their new address. Please contact the Integrated Transport Unit Team via email to with your new details and the date they have, or will, change.

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