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Learning Middlesbrough school improvement

Learning Middlesbrough is a partnership of organisations united in shaping education in Middlesbrough and enhancing opportunities for children and young people.

The partnership - comprising Middlesbrough Council, teaching schools, schools, and Middlesbrough Achievement Partnership (MAP) - aims to improve the quality of education available to children and young people by challenging schools to surpass their previous best, breaking down barriers to learning, and supporting the training of high quality teachers and leaders.

The vision of Learning Middlesbrough’s school improvement strategy is:

  • to build on and increase the effectiveness of leadership, ensuring that leaders at all levels are successfully building capacity to support each other
  • to improve the quality of teaching and learning in all schools through coaching and mentoring, sharing evidence-based practice and quality assurance processes, leading to improved outcomes
  • to engage the community and enhance public perception of the profile of education in Middlesbrough 

A key element of the school improvement strategy involves supporting schools to develop and excel, regardless of their current level of achievement, through funded projects. Middlesbrough Council takes a leading role in the initiative, working closely with other members of the partnership to ensure its success.

For more information on the Learning Middlesbrough school improvement project, please visit the Learning Middlesbrough website.