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School catering

The Schools Catering Service provides school meals for nursery, primary, secondary, and special schools. Our meals include all of the essential vitamins, minerals, fruit and vegetables which children need. They also meet the school food standards set by the government. We're very proud to have a gold Food4Health award, and aim to promote healthier food choices.


The current price of a primary and nursery school meal is £2.05 per day.

The current price of a secondary school meal is £2.15 per day.

Type of food offered

What our menus include

First choice

May often be classed as a traditional dish such as: roast pork, braised beef and dumplings, savoury pie, curry, or lasagne.

Second choice

Popular fare such as: tortilla wraps, fish goujons or tuna pasta bake.

Third choice

Vegetarian choice which must be different to the second choice. For example if cheese and tomato pizza was on the menu, the vegetarian choice offered may be vegetable samosas, vegetable bake, or cheese eggs.

Potato options

Wide selections of potato choices are served daily as well as rice, pasta and jacket potatoes.


A selection of white and wholemeal breads are available each day served without spread.


A variety of fresh vegetables are served daily. A minimum of three fresh vegetables must be provided but our cooks usually produce many more.

Cold choice

Salad bars are provided as an alternative to the hot meal service. Children can choose from a selection of cooked meats, quiche, samosas, cheese, tuna, eggs and salmon fillets. They can make up their own combination salad choosing from a wide range of salad bowls including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, peppers, radishes, coleslaw and many more. They can also choose a jacket potato, baby boiled potatoes or wholemeal bread.

Healthy choices of desserts include fruit pots, melon boats, kiwi, yoghurt and biscuits, and cheese and biscuits.

Hot desserts

Fruit-based sweets are encouraged, including apple crumble, apricot cobbler, fruit tart, rhubarb sponge and pineapple upside down cake, which can be served with custard.

Secondary schools

In addition to the minimum requirements above, there are extra main choices and hot desserts. In all units there must be more than one choice of main course and sweet available for every child throughout the service period. Many secondary schools also provide meal deals as another option to the hot multi choice and salad bar. The meal deal consists of three items, for example a sandwich, fruit pot and a drink.

Sample menu


  • Shepherd's pie
  • Fish goujons
  • Home-made cheese and tomato pizza
  • Vegetable bake
  • Chocolate sponge
  • Fruit jellies
  • Ice-cream and tutti frutti sauce


  • Roast chicken and stuffing
  • Fish fingers
  • Filled jacket potato
  • Cheesy pasta bake
  • Rhubarb crumble
  • Cream meringues
  • Baked current buns


  • Mince and Yorkshire pudding
  • Chicken fillet in a bun
  • Tuna wraps
  • Quiche
  • Angel cake
  • Rice pudding and sultanas
  • Cream scones and strawberries


  • Chicken curry and rice
  • Corned beef hash
  • Fish in parsley sauce
  • Hot cheesy pittas
  • Ginger sponge
  • Fruit flan
  • Fresh fruit salad


  • Battered fish
  • Lasagne
  • Vegetable bake
  • Cheese and broccoli quiche
  • Marble sponge
  • Fruit cobbler
  • Fruit trifle

Free School Meals eligibility

To find out if your child is eligible for Free School Meals, please call 01642 726541. Read more about free school meals.

Special diets

We can usually adapt our menus for both medical and religious needs.

We cater for special diets, including diabetic, coeliac, and low fat. We also have policy on peanut allergies. If your child has special dietary needs, we will need written confirmation from their paediatric dietician. The dietician will give us the medical information we need so that our cooks can make the right meals for your child.

We can also provide halal meat to meet your requirements.

Please call 01642 728030 for more information about any special dietary needs.

Food4Health gold award

The Schools Catering Service has a gold Food4Health award. Gold awards are given when a school (or business) does everything possible to make their food healthier. They should support children to choose healthier foods, and make healthy eating the norm.

At our most recent inspection, our school caterers were judged to have not only met the standards for a gold award, but exceeded them. We always try to keep our menus exciting and varied, and encourage children to try new foods. We also constantly look for ways to improve the nutrition of our foods, like increasing fruit and vegetables, and putting less sugar into cakes and biscuits.

The inspectors said 'it was clear that staff are passionate about the food they make and the children they serve'.

Benefits of a school meal

  • Children learn to eat correctly with a knife and fork
  • Children develop their social skills
  • Research shows a well-balanced meal at lunchtime improves concentration during the afternoon
  • Parents know their child is enjoying a good meal, which is excellent value for money