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Governors training programme

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Regular training is available as part of the development of School Governors and Trustees. We know it can be difficult to fit training into busy lives, so where possible we try to offer the choice of a morning or an evening session.

All new governors are encouraged to attend induction training, which is offered as three separate modules and is based on the National Training Programme for New Governors. 

Further training opportunities are also available in areas like finance, personnel issues, pupil behaviour and discipline, understanding pupil data, health and safety, and training for new Chairs and Vice Chairs. All these opportunities are advertised in our annual training programme.

Customised training tailored to individual Governing and Trust Board needs can also be arranged.

Termly forums give Governors the opportunity to discuss current initiatives with the relevant Head of Service, and it's also a good time to network with other Governors.

Cluster training is being encouraged wherever possible, to allow Governors to benefit by sharing the cost and sharing good practice. Cluster training can be booked if a request is made.

Expenses incurred by Governors can be claimed according to the school's adopted policy. Please seek advice from your school.

It's good practice for Governing Bodies to carry out an annual review of training and assess any areas for development for the coming year. For those schools that buy into the service, the Governor Development Service will provide Governing Bodies with a list of training attended in the past year to be considered in the autumn term each year.

If you'd like to receive a copy of our training programme, please contact the Governor Development Service.

For those who don’t buy into our training, Governors would be very welcome to join us. The charges will be £110 per person for all day sessions and £80 per person for sessions up to three hours.

To make or cancel a booking please contact Karen Smith:

Phone: 01642 728308

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