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Special Education Needs

Contact the SEND assessment team 0-25

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Name Role Contact
General SEN queries

Phone: 01642 201831

David Ball Head of SEND Assessment 0-25
Judi Libby Head of SEND Assessment 0-25
Stewart Marron Deputy Head of SEND Assessment Team 0-25
Terry Agar Senior SEND Case Officer 0-13
Zena O’Connor SEND Case Officer 0-13 zena_o'
Susan Bury SEND Case Officer 0-13
Juliet Lynam SEND Case Officer 0-13
Kay Moir SEND Case Officer 0-13
Emma Sweeney SEND Case Officer 0-13
Janette Lyall SEND Case Officer 14-25
Zahid Din SEND Specialist Careers Adviser 14-25
Shaun Hardy SEND Specialist Careers Adviser 14-25
Jill Leck SEND Development Officer
Laura Taylor SEND Co-ordination Officer
Laura Waite SEND Administrative Officer
Zoe Reed SEND Administrative Officer
Megan Lakey SEND Administrative Officer
Aishah Rabbani SEND Administrative Officer
Suzanna Gibb SEND Administrative Officer

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