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Managing your finances

If you're having problems with your finances there are many organisations that can help. You might find yourself in debt and unsure how to move forward, but there are a number of different ways to deal with your issues and the organisations listed below can give you information and advice.

Money advice

Money Helper offers guidance about all money-related topics, including benefits, savings and budgeting, debt, insurance and mortgages.

Credit unions

A credit union can provide savings and loan products to their members. Membership depends on having a common bond such as living/working in a specific area. Credit unions aim to help members take control of their money by encouraging them to save. Once you have a reliable record as a saver, you can apply to borrow money from the Credit union at a very low rate of interest.

The two credit unions in Middlesbrough are:

  • Pioneer Credit Union - 01642 501844
  • South Tees Community Bank - 0191 276 7963

It's Your Right To Claim

Every year, billions of pounds of benefits nationally go unclaimed, including by pensioners, families and people most in need. The It's Your Right To Claim campaign helps people to understand which benefits they might be entitled for and haven't claimed, which can help those who are struggling to make ends meet. Upcoming It's Your Right To Claim sessions will be advertised on this page when they are available.

Middlesbrough Council's Welfare Rights Unit

The Welfare Rights Unit provides specialised, independent and confidential advice, as well as representation on benefits and tax credits, and encourages the take-up of benefits.

Phone: 01642 729242


Housing and Council Tax benefits

Housing benefit and Council Tax reduction are provided by the council.

For more information, visit the housing benefit and Council Tax reduction section.

Other grants, discounts and exemptions

Free and reduced travel

Free bus passes are available to older and disabled persons. Learn more about the concessionary bus pass scheme.

The Staying Put Agency

The Staying Put Agency provides housing and health advice to those wishing to remain independent in their homes, as well as advice for those in need of housing repairs or home improvements.