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Stoptober 2021

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This year marks Stoptober's 10 year anniversary! Will you take up the challenge and say 'I quit' this month?

If you're struggling to quit smoking, don't be hard too on yourself. The pressures that everyone has faced the past 18 months may well have set you back on your mission, or made you give up altogether.

Stoptober is the perfect time to try again, and this year, the campaign this October is focussing on things you can start doing to help you on your journey.

It's about the little things you can do, like going for a walk to clear your mind and lungs, or starting a savings pot for something you can buy with the money you'll have saved from smoking.

Whether you try it for a few weeks or take part in the full 28 day challenge, every effort to quit is a huge step forward for your health – and the benefits to you and your family are invaluable.

Research by Public Health England which leads the national campaign each year, suggests that if smokers make it to 28 days without a cigarette, then they are five times more likely to quit for good.

Over the past 10 years, Stoptober has helped over 2 million people in their attempt to quit and this year, the campaign is celebrating everyone who has made the incredible achievement of quitting for good, and is encouraging other smokers to be inspired by their stories.

The Stop Smoking South Tees service is the local stop smoking service for residents in Middlesbrough. You can find plenty of advice to help you get on your smoke-free journey as well as tailored support and help so that when the craving bites, you're in control.

You can also download the NHS Quit Smoking app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play. It features games and advice, and even lets you see how much you're saving each week.

As part of the campaign, we spoke to local Middlesbrough residents who have already said 'I quit' and want to help others on their Stoptober journey.

Here's Jayne's inspirational story:

"I was made redundant over a year ago after working for 20 years. I was poorly two weeks after I stopped and was diagnosed with cancer. After tests I was referred to the Stop Smoking South Tees service. After my operation to beat the cancer I really struggled to breathe. It affected my initial recovery and made it more difficult."

"Now, I will never smoke again. Don't be naïve, don't ignore the adverts on TV. Your health is so much better if you don't smoke. Smoking patches helped me. I now am feeling better and have more money, there's been huge, massive benefits for me. You don't realise how much money you save. I've saved almost £200 pounds."

To access the stop smoking service, visit the Stop Smoking South Tees website.