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Middlesbrough Independent Living Services

Middlesbrough Independent Living Services at Cavendish House

Middlesbrough Independent Living Services includes a range of services to help people to stay at home, safely and independently, for longer.

Our aim is to help older, vulnerable, and disabled people to 'Stay Safe. Stay Warm. Stay Well. Stay Connected.'

Middlesbrough Independent Living Services are based in Cavendish House.

Address: Cavendish House, Cavendish Road, Middlesbrough, TS4 3EB.

Middlesbrough Independent Living Services at Cavendish House

More information about our services, and how to contact them, is available below.

The Staying Put Agency

The Staying Put Agency is Middlesbrough's advice and repair service. We help older, vulnerable, and disabled people to live more independently, and stay living in their own home for longer. We also offer a range of other services to support the housing, health, and wellbeing needs of Middlesbrough residents. This includes digital inclusion, hospital to home support, community support, and support for those with hoarding disorder.

Find out more about the Staying Put Agency.

Connect and Telecare

Connect and Telecare provide a 24-hour monitoring and response service. They offer support to older, disabled, and vulnerable people who live in their own homes, helping them to keep living independently and safely. Telecare provides safety equipment which can detect falls, inactivity, smoke, flooding, gas, or extreme temperatures, and send an alert that you need help. Connect lets you call for help from anywhere in your home, if you have an emergency or need support.

Find out more about Connect.

Find out more about Telecare.

Reablement team

The Reablement team provides support to people in their own homes. The team provides assessments, therapy, and short-term support to help you learn, or re-learn, daily living skills. They work with people who have recently been discharged from hospital or a care home, or who have a health condition which is making it hard to cope at home.

Find out more about reablement.

Independence Hub

The Independent Living Hub is a resource centre based at Cavendish House. Our friendly staff can help you if you struggle with everyday activities, and want to increase or maintain your independence at home, in the community, and online. We can talk to you about Blue Badges for parking, and help you try out equipment which can help you to live safely and independently at home.

Find out more about the Independence Hub.

Sensory loss

The Sensory Support service supports Middlesbrough residents with low vision, low hearing, Deaf/deafness, and Deafblindness. We can help you to live independently at home and be an active member of your community, as well as supporting your wellbeing.

We can help you with:

  • registering as blind or partially sighted, which entitles you to benefits and concessions
  • support to manage daily living tasks and communication
  • advice about your home environment
  • practical support

Find out more about the Sensory Support service.

Middlesbrough Independent Living Services