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Maternal, Infant and Child Health (MICH) Strategic Partnership

The South Tees Maternal, Infant and Child Health partnership (MICH) aims to provide children aged 0-5 with the best start in life.

Areas of work

To improve the health and wellbeing of families across South Tees, it’s critical that all partners work in collaboration to support families - the scale of the issues are just too great to tackle alone. Fortunately South Tees benefits from a wide range of partners with a shared passion for giving our children the best start in life.

MICH was established following the 2012 National Health Service (NHS) reforms, which resulted in fragmented commissioning and delivery of maternal and infant services. The partnership’s vision was to develop a strategic, overarching plan for delivery of all health and early years’ services which impact on maternal, infant and child health. This was to ensure that locally there was a collaborative, co-ordinated and joined up approach in commissioning and delivery of services to families.

Driven by Public Health South Tees, MICH has been instrumental in driving improvements to maternal and early years support in South Tees, challenging partners in the sector to work together to achieve more.

The partnership focuses on:

  • improving child development
  • parenting support in the first 1001 days of a child’s life
  • making breastfeeding the norm for more mothers
  • parents and children being of a healthy weight
  • reducing the harms caused by parental substance use
  • improving mental health in maternal and early years
  • keeping children safe from preventable accidents


The partnership recently produced a report, titled 'celebrating three years of success', which showcases the work done over the past three years.