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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022 consultation

About the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) looks at:

  • the pharmaceutical services which are currently available
  • what the current need for pharmaceutical services in the area is
  • what the future need for pharmaceutical services is likely to be

'Pharmaceutical services' means community pharmacies which dispense medications and provide additional health services.

Every health and wellbeing board (HWB) in England has to publish a PNA. It must be kept up to date so it can be used by NHS England and NHS Innovation to help shape pharmaceutical services for our population. The last PNA for Middlesbrough was published in March 2018, and we must publish a new one by 1 October 2022, in line with government requirements.

South Tees Health and Wellbeing Board recently carried out surveys to find out about people's experiences of local pharmaceutical services. These views helped us to prepare our draft PNA for 2022.

Have your say on the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

We're now running a consultation to get your opinions on the draft new PNA. You can tell us your views by using our online survey.

Read the draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment then fill in in the online survey.

Unfortunately the draft PNA is not accessible. Please email if you need a paper copy.

Feedback from the consultation will be used to complete the final version of the PNA. This will then be approved by the HWB in time for the deadline.

The online survey closes at midnight on Sunday 17 July 2022.

The survey is completely anonymous. We will not be able to identify who you are, or link your answers to you in any way. More information about how your information is collected, used, and stored can be found in the consultations privacy notice, or you can find general information on the data protection page.

For more information, email