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Benefits and support

Support payments

Discretionary housing payment, household support fund, and the community support scheme.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction

Housing Benefit helps you pay your rent. Council Tax Reduction reduces how much Council Tax you pay.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a payment to help with living costs for people on a low income or who do not work.

Free school meals

If you're getting certain benefits, you can apply for free school meals for your child.

All forms

A list of all forms relating to benefits in one place, so you can quickly find what you're looking for.

Contact us about benefits

The easiest way to contact us is online, as our phone lines are always very busy.


Information including how to access the landlord portal and see payments made on behalf of tenants.

Budget sheet

If you're struggling to make payments, the budget sheet will help us understand your situation.

Benefit fraud

Benefit fraud is when someone deliberately claims benefits which they're not entitled to.

Benefit cap

The benefit cap is a limit on the total amount of benefit you can get. It applies to most people aged 16+.

Bedroom tax

If you have more bedrooms than you need, the amount of benefit you get will be reduced.

Our performance

We're proud to have held the government's Customer Service Excellence award for over 25 years.