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Commissioning and procurement

Middlesbrough Council spends over £100 million per year with external suppliers. This ranges from simple purchases like stationery, to complex procurement, for example for the construction of new buildings. Commissioning is the process we follow to make sure the goods and services we pay for are high quality, offer value for money, and help us to meet our corporate objectives.

We are accountable to the taxpayer for all of our spending, and we have a duty to follow formal procurement processes in line with both UK and European legislation.

In this section you can find out more about how to do business with the council, and the processes we follow. You can also find out more about how we spend money

Current contracts


You can use the contracts register to find our current contracts, including the value of the contract, and start and end dates.

Advertising our contracts


We advertise tenders for our contracts through the North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) portal.

Tender pipeline

Project title Description of service Expected publish date* Expected purchase route

Teesside Pension Fund administration

Contract for the Administration of the Teesside Pension Fund

May to July 2024


Planned maintenance built assets

Framework for all planned maintenance requirements not covered by hub frameworks

April to June 2024


Home care (18+)

Provision of home care

January to March 2025


By and For Framework

Supporting persons with protected characteristics and need support with domestic abuse

August to October 2024


Children’s residential partnership

To secure a partnership arrangement with an external supplier to delivery children’s residential care providing efficiencies and placements closer to Middlesbrough avoiding and/or reducing the need for external out of area placements

May to July 2024


Payroll and managed accounts and employment support service through direct payments and personal budgets

Direct payments and managed accounts service

October 2024


Freedom of information


We make information about our spending available for anyone to see. If you're thinking of making a freedom of information request about our spending or contracts, the data may already be available, so please check online first.

Information about our spending is available in the open data section. Data includes: spending over £500, tenders and contracts worth over £5,000, and spending on procurement cards.

Information about social care contracts is available on the freedom of information data page. Data includes: home care, independent foster care, independent residential care for adults, and enablement and support services for adults.