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50 Futures work experience programme

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50 Futures

What is 50 Futures?

The 50 Futures programme provides a variety of high quality work experience placements, with Middlesbrough Council and our trusted partners, for people in our local community who struggle to find employment.

Who can join 50 Futures?

You're welcome to apply for a 50 Futures placement if you are:

  • living in Middlesbrough
  • aged 16 or over

What will I get?

50 Futures placements offer a valuable experience in a real working environment, where you'll:

  • meet new people to expand your network
  • strengthen your CV to help with future job prospects
  • be supported by our training advisors and qualified staff
  • have the opportunity to be noticed by employers for future paid roles

If you're thinking of applying for a 50 Futures placement, take a look at what other participants thought about the programme:

"The 50 Futures work experience programme gave me the opportunity to bridge a gap in my CV and demonstrate my skill set."

"The 50 Futures placement has given me a sense of pride in my work, where I am learning something new every day."

"The 50 Futures placement allowed me to help others through my lived experiences as an asylum seeker."

What can I do?

There are 50 Futures placements available in the following areas:


We support adults across Middlesbrough to make sure they’re safe and have access to the right services. We also make sure that older people, vulnerable adults, and people with a disability are able to stay in their own homes.

There are currently no vacancies available in this area.

Business, culture, and communities (including adult education)

Through advice, networking, and promotion, we support businesses to succeed in Middlesbrough. We also invest in work to raise footfall and spending in the town.

We support our communities by making sure people have a safe and suitable place to live, and have access to the right services.

We also support people in our community by helping them to learn and making sure that they're ready for work.

Roles available:

Children, young people, and education (including apprenticeships)

Across Middlesbrough, we support children, young people, and their families in a number of ways. 

This includes the Early Help service, which works with families to help stop any problems from getting worse. 

We support families who have a child with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), as well as those with a young person who has been involved in crime, through the Youth Offending Service.

Roles available:

Council services

There are lots of internal services which help to keep the council running - these include looking after the council's finances, buildings, and employees.

Teams work behind the scenes to complete the work that councils legally have to carry out. This includes things like running elections and processing planning applications.

Environment, outdoor, and manual

From roads to flowerbeds to bins, the council has a role to play in making sure everything in our local environment runs smoothly and is safe for the public.

Health and public safety

We help to protect and improve the health of all Middlesbrough residents so that our communities are strong and resilient. 

We work alongside businesses to make sure they have good hygiene and safety practices to stop people from being harmed.

Our team of Street Wardens also help to increase public safety by tackling anti-social behaviour.

Roles available:

IT and digital

These teams work to keep the council's IT system and websites running, so we can take our services online.

We also work with a number of businesses who are based in the Boho Zone and at Digital City.

There are currently no vacancies available in this area.

Public facing (customer service)

Our public facing staff work across a number of departments at the council, from the Customer Centre to issuing tickets at our Town Hall box office.

There are currently no vacancies available in this area.

Trusted partners

Through our trusted partners we can now offer placements in construction, hospitality, care, and warehousing. The range of opportunities continues to grow so please contact us to find out about our latest 50 Futures roles.

Roles available:

How do I apply?

Please complete the online application form to apply for a 50 Futures placement.