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Children in care

Going into care

Sometimes parents can't look after their children as well as they should. If you can't keep living with your parents, we'll help you to go and live somewhere else. This is called being 'in care'. Read more about going into care.

Things you'll find out about in the 'going into care' section:

  • what does being in foster care mean?
  • what's it like living in a children's home?
  • what happens if I get adopted?

My social worker

Everyone who's in care has a social worker. All social workers must have special training to make sure they know how to work with young people and keep them safe. Read more about social workers.

Things you'll find out about in the 'social workers' section:

  • what is a social worker?
  • why do we have social workers?
  • when will I see my social worker?
  • what happens when my social worker visits?

My care plan

If you're in care, you'll have a care plan. Your social worker will write it for you, after talking to people who know you well, like your family and teachers at your school. Read more about your care plan.

Things you'll find out about in the 'care plan' section:

  • what is a care plan?
  • why do I have a care plan?

My review

Everyone who's in care will have a review every few months. A review is where we get everyone in your life together so we can talk about how you're doing. Read more about your review.

Things you'll find out about in the 'your review' section:

  • what is my review for?
  • what is an IRO and what do they do?
  • how can I have a say at my review?
  • will people listen to me?

While I'm in care

We want you to be happy and healthy while you're in care, and for things to stay the same as much as they can. Read more about how things work when you're in care.

Things you'll find out about in the 'while you're in care' section:

  • how will I keep in touch with my family and friends?
  • will I still go to school?
  • how do I keep healthy?

Leaving care

Leaving care can be scary, but we'll help you so it goes as well as possible. Read more about getting ready to leave care.

Things you'll find out about in the 'leaving care' section:

  • what is a Pathway Plan?
  • what is a Personal Adviser?
  • where can I live when I leave care?
  • what help and support can I get when I leave care?