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Cyber crime advice for businesses

The majority of cyber attacks are opportunistic (in other words, they are not carefully planned over a period of time), so any business connected to the internet is at risk. Cyber security can be intimidating if you feel like you're not very knowledgeable about technology, but there are lots of useful resources available to help you.

The risk of a cyber attack is very real, with 46% of businesses identifying a cyber-security breach or attack in the last 12 months. The average annual cost for businesses which have lost data or assets following a breach is £8,460, but this can be a lot higher. Many smaller businesses never recover from a cyber attack, not only because of the financial implications, but also the possible damage to their reputation.

Get advice

If you're in the Cleveland Police area, contact Kelly Close by emailing or calling 101 extension 6852.

If you're outside of the Cleveland Police area, contact the North East Regional Cyber Crime Unit by emailing, and they can put you in contact with the right person.


CiSP membership

CiSP is the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership, a national network of IT professionals and businesses sharing information about emerging cyber threats and best practice for cyber security.

Membership is restricted due to the confidential nature of the information shared, however we can sponsor businesses to join. For more information about business sponsorship, email Find out more about CiSP.

Police Cyber Alarm

Police Cyber Alarm works like a virtual CCTV camera, keeping an eye on the traffic between your computer and the internet.

It looks for suspicious activity by checking the logs from your firewall or internet gateway. You'll get a report either weekly or monthly so you can see if you've had any suspicious traffic, and take steps to protect your business. The service also provides scanning for websites and networks, looking for vulnerabilities which cyber criminals could use to attack your business. Find out more about Police Cyber Alarm.

North East Cyber Protect Network

North East Cyber Protect Network protects businesses and communities in the North East from common cyber attacks. They have a range of free training and support to help businesses with cyber security.

Useful links

The National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre has a 24-hour phone line for businesses to get help with live cyber crimes (crimes currently in progress). There are also resources about crime prevention.

The North East Regional Cyber Crime Unit covers Cleveland, Durham, and Northumbria police areas, and is part of the Regional Organised Crime Unit (NERSOU).

The National Cyber Security Centre offers lots of useful information about cyber security for individuals and businesses.

Get Safe Online offers resources for families and partner agencies looking at staying safe online and fraud awareness.

The National Crime Agency 'Cyber Choices' guidance helps young people to choose the right and legal path to use their cyber skills.