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Chemical industry

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The chemical industry is strictly regulated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Environment Agency. The regulations rank chemical plants based on the amount and type of chemical that they process or store.

The Control of Major Accident Hazard Regulations (COMAH) 2015 requires Middlesbrough Council to hold an off-site plan for specific sites when notified by the Health and Safety Executive. These detail how the emergency services and the council will work together to warn, inform, and protect the public before, during and after any potential incident.

There are currently two sites within Middlesbrough requiring off-site plans under these regulations:

  • Chemoxy International
  • Univar Ltd.

Under the COMAH regulations, these sites are required to have very detailed on-site emergency plans, which sit alongside the council's off-site emergency plan. Regulation 18 of COMAH requires that companies prepare information for the public about their operation and any potential incidents. This is sent directly to those households and businesses within a consultation area around each plant, which the HSE defines.

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