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Public Spaces Protection Order consultation

Photos from the launch of the PSPO

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston is proposing a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for the central TS1 area, with more to follow if the move is successful.

Public Spaces Protection Orders are one of the tools designed to stop individuals or groups of individuals committing anti-social behaviour in a public space. Find out more about PSPOs, a copy of the PSPO Draft Order is also available. The measures will build on the recent boost to the number of Street Wardens equipped with body-worn cameras, and an increase in the number of fixed penalty notices (FPNs) issued for a range of offences.

In June 2019 we collected your views on crime and anti-social behaviour in the TS1 area of Middlesbrough. We also asked whether you would support the introduction of a PSPO. 95% of the responses said they were concerned to some extent about crime and anti-social behaviour in the TS1 area. The majority of responses expressed support for the introduction of a PSPO in the TS1 area.

You also told us what concerned you, and many of these issues are included within the proposed PSPO. Some of the concerns raised were criminal offences and have not been included within the PSPO, as they will be dealt with by other means.

We then asked your views on what to include the PSPO. A six week consultation took place, which ended at 12pm on 18 September 2019.

We are now in the process of reviewing the feedback and a decision will be made about applying a Public Spaces Protection Order to the TS1 area.

An overview of the survey results will be available here in October 2019.


Public Spaces Protection Order - we want your views!

Posted by Middlesbrough Council on Friday, 14 June 2019

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