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Stronger Communities Middlesbrough

We're here to help build strong and connected communities in Middlesbrough.

We support people in Middlesbrough who are seeking asylum, and those arriving through the government's various settlement programmes. We help people adapt to life in Middlesbrough and become part of the community.

We speak to members of the community to get their views on where they live, work, study, or otherwise spend time. We want to work with the community to give people a sense of ownership of their environment.

We see a culture of togetherness in Middlesbrough, and we want to work with you to help our town grow into a place where individuals, organisations, and communities have a shared understanding and vision of what makes Middlesbrough a great place to be.

We know all about lots of organisations and places in Middlesbrough where you can get help. Check out our support pack for more information.

We know that events around the world might be making you feel more upset, scared, or angry than usual. It's important to look after your mental health, so we've put together a mental health support package to help.

You can contact us by emailing if you have any questions.

Asylum support

Who does what, places to get help, immigration advice, citizenship and living in Middlesbrough.

Ukraine response

The government has set up two schemes to help people from Ukraine to find a safe home in the UK.


We support people with adapting to life in Middlesbrough and becoming part of the community.


Feedback we've received from the people we help, and organisations we work with.

Middlesbrough Interfaith Network