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Vehicle seizure notices

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Why vehicles are seized

We have the power to seize a vehicle, trailer or mobile plant and any contents if we believe it is being, has been, or will be, used to commit a waste crime like fly-tipping. Vehicles and their contents can be seized under the Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989 or the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

A vehicle can be seized if:

  • it is used in fly-tipping
  • it is driven by somebody who is not registered as a waste carrier
  • it is used to transfer waste to somebody who is not registered as a waste carrier

Vehicle seizure notices

We have seized the vehicle mentioned and are now trying to locate the owner to help us with our enquiries.

Claiming a seized vehicle

We'll send information about how to claim a seized vehicle to the vehicle's registered keeper.

Collecting a seized vehicle

If a vehicle has been claimed, the owner will have 10 working days to collect it, unless we need to keep it for further investigation, or we're prosecuting the owner.

If a vehicle is claimed but not collected within 10 working days, it can be sold or destroyed.

If a vehicle is not claimed within 15 working days, it will be sold or destroyed.

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