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Allotment gardening is a creative and enjoyable leisure activity which all the family can take part in at a low cost. Tenants generally grow a variety of vegetables in an organic way, for family consumption. The plot can also be used to grow flowers, herbs and fruit, and some plots are available for poultry and pigeons.

For more information on what is and isn't allowed on allotments, and other rules, please see the allotment agreement.


Middlesbrough has eight allotment sites, made up of over 900 plots. The sites are:

  • Berwick Hills
  • Coulby Newham
  • Hemlington
  • ​Letitia Street (Newport)
  • Town Farm (Cargo Fleet Lane)
  • Whitehouse (North Ormesby)
  • Beechwood
  • Saltersgill - Saltersgill allotments are run by Saltersgill Allotment Association, to apply for an allotment contact them directly via email to

Please note that allotments are only available to Middlesbrough residents. Only residents in South Middlesbrough, with a TS8 postcode, can apply for a plot at the Coulby Newham and Hemlington allotment sites.

The size of allotment plots vary from site to site. Standard plots are approximately 200m2 (classed as 'medium'), and the current rent is £78 per year. Smaller plots (classed as 'small') are between 50-100m2, and the current rent is £40.40 per year. Only one plot can be allocated to new tenants.

The council manages and maintains all sites (except Saltersgill) including looking after tenancy details, undertaking regular inspections, taking enforcement action, dealing with complaints, organising repairs and refuse collections, issuing invoices, and taking payments.


Tenants can pay for their allotment plot online.


You can use the online form to apply for an allotment.

Please note, there is limited availability at some locations and you may be added to a waiting list. You'll be able to see your position in the waiting list when you complete the form.

If you'd like to find out more about becoming an allotment tenant, please call 01642 726001.


Benefits include the satisfaction of growing your own fresh food in a chemical-free environment, in an organic, natural way. This is food that you've grown yourself, fresh from your plot, which hasn't travelled thousands of miles before it reaches your plate.

Vegetables are high in fibre, good for the digestive system, and an important source of vitamins and minerals.

Allotment tenants also benefit from fresh air and plenty of exercise.