Report it

Housing concerns

A property you live in


You can report disrepair in your rented house, if you've already reported the problem to your landlord, and they haven't fixed the issue in a reasonable amount of time.

For tenants of private landlords and Housing Associations, we'll usually expect you to have made your landlord aware of the disrepair in writing before you make a complaint to us, or if your property is provided by a Housing Association, you've already used their complaints procedure.


You can report concerns about overcrowding in the property you're living in, or that you're aware of in another property.

Illegal eviction

You can tell us if you've been evicted from privately rented accommodation and you think the eviction was unlawful. Shelter has information about what counts as an unlawful eviction.

If you're going to be evicted in the near future, you can get advice from Thirteen Group's housing advice service by calling 0300 1111 000.​

Someone else's property

Examples of issues you can report to us about someone else's property include:

  • concerns about overcrowding in a property which you're not living in.

  • a property that is open to unlawful access.

  • an eyesore property which is occupied or empty.

  • eyesore properties and overgrown gardens

How to report

You can report a number of housing concerns online using Report It.

When you make the report, please describe the issue in as much detail as you can. Depending on the issue you're reporting, it might include details of any other agencies you've reported the issue to, the date the issue occurred or was discovered, or details about the landlord, individual(s), or premise you feel is responsible for the issue.