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Recovering from illness

What are Intermediate Care Services?

Intermediate Care Services in Middlesbrough provide a range of services designed to bridge the gap between primary/community care and hospital services.

The service is for people who need rehabilitation, enabling them to achieve a level of independence which would not be possible otherwise.

Intermediate Care Services in Middlesbrough support adults by:

  • preventing avoidable admissions to hospital or long-term care
  • assisting the safe and prompt discharge from hospital
  • promoting independent living and rehabilitation

To access the services provided you must be:

  • a resident of Middlesbrough
  • 18 or over
  • willing to take part in rehabilitation services and willing to consent to referral


Rapid Response

  • An intensive home care service provided as part of reablement
  • Prevents unnecessary admission to hospital or residential care
  • Gives access to the Care Link community alarm service for up to six weeks
  • Gives access to the reablement service
  • Free for ten days


  • Reduces dependency on long term care or ongoing packages of care
  • Complements existing intermediate care services by helping users to remain independent, for example: washing, dressing, meal preparation, building confidence around accessing public transport etc.
  • Free for up to six weeks

Mobile Rehabilitation Team


The team provides a home-based rehabilitation service to adult residents of Middlesbrough (who are usually unable to attend outpatient appointments). They will undertake an assessment and once rehabilitation needs have been agreed, regular visits will be made to the resident to work on an agreed treatment plan.

  • Supports you at home on discharge from hospital
  • Prevents admission to hospital
  • Free for up to six weeks

Residential rehabilitation

  • Provides you with an assessment undertaken by appropriate professionals (occupational therapist, physiotherapist and, where required, a social worker) within a residential setting
  • Provides you with a safe and supported environment 24 hours a day if you're not able to return home with the support of any other intermediate care service
  • Free for up to six weeks

Accessing the services

Services can be accessed through a referral made by:

  • GP or Consultant
  • Occupational therapist or physiotherapist
  • Ward nurse or district nurse
  • Social worker
  • Warden Services
  • Discharge Liaison Team

Other Community Services

The Community Neurological Rehabilitation Team works with adults between 18-65 with long term neurological conditions. They can support you to remain in, or to return to a, productive role, whether at home, in education or training, or in voluntary or paid employment. Referrals are taken from health and social care professionals as above.

The GP Open Access Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Services enable your GP to refer you directly to occupational therapists and physiotherapists who will visit you at home to deal with short term problems, such as poor mobility or difficulty carrying out aspects of your daily routine such as personal care or domestic activities. Some more specialist treatments such as hand splints are also provided.