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Residents parking scheme

Residents parking schemes are in operation in most of the residential areas in and around Middlesbrough town centre.

The schemes are designed to keep residential streets clear from commuter and shopper's vehicles, allowing residents to park near their homes. If you live in a street, or operate a business, within the residents parking scheme area, you'll be entitled to apply for a residents parking scheme permit.

The residents parking scheme is divided into parking zones. There are currently eleven residents parking zones in Middlesbrough: Zones A, B, C, D, E, G, H, J, K, L, P, and U.

Streets within the residents parking scheme all have signs, and may also have markings on the road. The signs show which zone the street is in, and the zone's hours of operation. Any vehicle has the right to park for any length of time if it's outside of the zone's hours of operation.

Resident's permit

Residents parking permits will have the registration number of the vehicle printed on the permit. You'll therefore need to apply for a permit for each vehicle that you own/wish to park in the zone. Permits will also have the zone in which the permit is valid printed on them; permits are not transferable between zones. Permits are renewed each year before the permit expiry date (printed on the permit), and are sent out in the post.

Visitor's permit

If someone visits you regularly, and the council considers that it's not reasonable for them to find a parking space outside of the scheme, they may be entitled to a visitors permit.

Permanent visitor permits are currently available for Zones A, B, C, D, E, G, H, and J. To obtain a permit your visitor should complete a visitor's permit application form, which is available below. Alternatively, application forms are available from Parking Services, located in the Customer Centre at Middlesbrough House.

A visitor will need a supporting statement from the resident they're visiting, and they'll need to provide their vehicle registration document or insurance document when applying. Visitors will be able to use a resident's parking place if they're granted a permit, and will need to display the permit on their windscreen.

Visitors to Zone K and Zone L must obtain a visitor's permit upon arrival from the resident they're visiting. The permit must be clearly displayed in the visitor's vehicle and handed back to the resident at the end of the visit.

Visitors to Zone P and Zone U may park in the resident's parking place without a permit for 45 minutes (2 hours on the west side of Park Vale Road) with no return permitted within two hours. A visitor wishing to stay longer than this must obtain a visitor's scratch card permit from the resident they're visiting, scratch off the relevant panels, and display it in their vehicle.


To apply for a permit you'll need to complete the relevant application form. Forms are available from the downloads below. Explanatory notes can also be downloaded that give further information on each type of permit.

If you're unable to download the application form, you can request one from Parking Services, located in the Customer Centre at Middlesbrough House.

You'll need to provide proof of residence or business, e.g. a utility bill, bank statement etc. which is less than 3 months old, and your vehicle registration document(s) or insurance documents. If the vehicle belongs to your employer and you don't have the registration or insurance documents, your employer should give you with an official letter stating that you use the vehicle(s) concerned.

Business permit

Business permit – application form

Business permit – explanatory notes

Resident permit

Resident permit – application form

Resident permit – explanatory notes

Visitor permit

Visitor permit – application form

Visitor permit – explanatory notes


Parking Services
Phone: 01642 726003
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