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You can use the roadworks map to find out if there are any roadworks near you, including who is responsible for them (e.g. council, utility companies, telecoms companies), and whether they're expected to cause delays.


Roadworks list

Please note, dates are correct at time of publishing, however works may be delayed or extended due to unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather conditions.

Download the weekly roadworks report as a PDF.

Emergency works

There are currently no emergency works.

Major works and events

A66 Structural Repairs – temporary overnight closures

Structural repairs to bridges at A178 Hartington Interchange have been extended due to engineering difficulties. Works are expected to continue until 22/03/18, with overnight closures in place from 07.00 pm until 07.00 am, on weekdays only. Traffic will be diverted via the slip roads.

A66 Structural Repairs – temporary lane closures

Works are expected to commence on Friday 23/03/18 and continue until Monday 26/03/18 (pm), with off-side lane closures in place on both eastbound and westbound carriageways of the A66, between A172 Marton Road Interchange and A178 Hartington Interchange. The lane closures are necessary to allow structural works to be carried out underneath the viaduct. Abnormal loads will not be allowed along the route during this period and delays are expected especially during peak times.

A66 maintenance works – various locations (Sundays only)

Maintenance works are programmed on Sunday 25/03/18, with off-side lane closures in operation on both eastbound and westbound carriageways of the A66, from Hartington Interchange to the A19. Off-side lane closures will be in operation at interchanges and near-side lane closures at roundabouts.

Albert Road, Town Centre – street lighting works

Street lighting renewal works are continuing on the western footpath of Albert Road and pedestrian barriers will remain in place until the end of March.

B1365 Stokesley Road, Hemlington – various works

Temporary traffic signals will be in operation on Stokesley Road until mid-April, for works associated with the new development at Hemlington Grange.

Dock Bridge and Approach Roads, Middlehaven – construction works

Major works to construct a new bridge across Middlesbrough Dock are progressing, with completion expected in July 2018. The works include:

  • Construction of a new vehicular bridge crossing the entrance to Middlesbrough Dock
  • Construction of a new section of road to link the bridge to Vulcan Street
  • Conversion of the existing roundabout at the northern end of Shepherdson Way to a traffic signalised junction

Shepherdson Way – temporary road closure

A temporary road closure will be in place on Shepherdson Way and its junction with the Halyard on the dates and times listed below.

  • Mon 19th March to Fri 23rd March, between 9am and 4pm
  • Tue 10th April to Wed 12th April, between 9am and 4pm and nightshift hours of 6pm to 6am
  • Tue 8th May to Fri 18th May, between 9am and 4pm and nightshift hours of 6pm to 6am
  • Mon 11th June to Fri 22nd June, between 9am and 4pm and nightshift hours of 6pm to 6am

The diversion route will be via the A66, Works Road and Dockside Road and will be clearly signed.

Public utility works

Newport Road, Newport – NWL Sewer Works

NWL has programmed sewer cleansing works between 15/03/19 and 19/03/18. A westbound lane closure will be in place on Newport Road at Newport Roundabout, however the closures will be removed during afternoon/ evening peak periods to reduce congestion.

Emerson Avenue, Linthorpe – NWL Works

NWL has re-scheduled works to repair/ replace a manhole in the carriageway between the junctions with Roman Road and Tollesby Road. Works will be carried out from 15/03/18 to 17/03/18, with temporary 2-way traffic signals in operation during off-peak periods.

Cambridge Road/ Roman Road, Linthorpe – BT Works

BT works have been programmed on 29/03/18 for one day only, to repair a manhole at the above location. Multi-way traffic signals will be in operation during off-peak periods.

Weymouth Avenue, Tollesby – NPG Works

Major works by NPG have been extended due to poor weather conditions and engineering difficulties. Works to replace cables from the junction with Ladgate Lane to outside no. 52 Weymouth Avenue are expected to continue until 27/04/18. There will be some disruption to local traffic.

The Grove, Marton – NWL Sewer Works

Works have been programmed to commence on 26/03/18, to carry out a sewer repair in the carriageway outside no.61. Temporary traffic signals will be in operation and works are expected to continue until 03/04/18.

Footpath/verge works

Ladgate Lane, Marton / Acklam

Construction works will continue until late March 2018, to provide a cycleway on Ladgate Lane, between the junctions with Marton Road and Acklam Road.

Newport Road, Newport 

Works to construct a cycleway within the verge adjacent to Newport roundabout will continue until further notice.

Thorndyke Avenue, Beechwood

Works are continuing to Tarmac verges to the rear of no’s 2 to 30.

Canterbury Grove, Linthorpe

Works are due to commence to install additional parking facilities.

Guisborough Road, Nunthorpe 

Footpath reconstruction works are due to commence between no’s 105 and 123.

Marton Road, Beechwood 

Works are due to commence to extend the bus stops near James Cook Hospital.

Levick Crescent/ Ashford Avenue, Acklam

Improvement works are continuing to the footpath/ cycleway linking Levick Crescent and Ashford Avenue, to the rear of Downside Road.

Woodrow Avenue, Marton

Works are due to commence to resurfacing the parking area to the front of the shops at no’s 2-6 Woodrow Avenue.

Westminster Road, Linthorpe

Footpath reconstruction works are scheduled to commence at the above location.