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Highway records

As the local highway authority, we keep records on highway maintenance responsibilities, status, and extent.

List of streets

We're legally required to keep a 'list of streets' which includes all highways in the town which we maintain and are referred to as 'adopted'. You can use the Find My Street website to find out which adopted highways are on the list.

The lines shown on the map do not indicate the full extent of the highway and should not be relied upon for legal purposes.

More information including a map showing the extent of the highway is available below. The map does not include public rights of way.

The definitive map for Middlesbrough shows all known public rights of way. Find out more about the definitive map.

Map of the extent of the adopted highway

When a highway is adopted, the boundary of the road is defined so we can see the exact area of land which makes up the public highway.

These records are available online so you can do a search yourself. There is no charge for doing a search online.

View the extent of the adopted highway map

The A19 and A174 are shown on this map for reference only. These highways are maintained by National Highways (or their representative), not the council.

Getting copies of the map

The online map is subject to copyright, and you cannot take copies of it. If you need a plan showing the extent of the adopted highway, we can provide a copy as a PDF file. There is a charge of £42 per copy.

We'll need to know the exact area you want a plan of. You'll need to give us the address, or for an area of land, a plan clearly showing the area you're interested in.

For copies of the map or for more information about adopted highways, email highwayrecords@middlesbrough.gov.uk.

Legal disclaimer

The information provided indicates the extent of adopted highway and should not be used for any other purpose. Every effort has been taken to ensure that the information is reliable and accurate. However, neither Middlesbrough Council nor any of its officers / staff shall be legally responsible for the accuracy of this information if you use for any other purposes, including conveyancing purposes or otherwise.