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EMAT support for schools during coronavirus

In recent months, our EAL pupils may have experienced significant disruption to their teaching and learning in comparison to their counterparts. We want to support schools and pupils that use EAL as much as possible. The EMAT team supports students with varying levels of proficiency in the English language, helping with accessibility, and promoting achievement and independence.

Our EAL Specialist Teaching Assistants work with schools to:

  • develop students' proficiency in English through targeted activities
  • help students integrate into their new community
  • assess, track, and report on students' proficiency in English
  • help students to become independent learners
  • build students' confidence in the mainstream classroom

As we all navigate how to deliver sustainable support to schools during coronavirus, we've changed the provision of support for our EAL learners:

  • remote teaching support via Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom
  • reduced face to face teaching support
  • home learning packs
  • advisory support

Remote teaching support

Microsoft Teams is an effective tool to offer EAL teaching support for one-to-one interventions or group teaching across bubbles. Microsoft Teams allows for lessons to be delivered remotely to students, resource sharing, and pupil feedback.

Remote delivery allows EMAT to deliver EAL interventions without entering school premises, and is also an effective way to carry out proficiency in English assessments.

EMAT staff can also support with Google Classroom delivery if required by teachers. This may include first language support or scaffolding.

Please contact Georgina Chinaka to arrange a demo session or timetable allocation.
Phone: 01642 728472

Reduced face to face teaching support

To operate in a COVID-secure manner, we're encouraging as much remote learning delivery as possible. We appreciate that remote delivery will not be suitable for some students and that face-to-face delivery is needed. To allow this, EMAT will work closely with schools to ensure delivery is done safely. The EMAT teaching timetable now runs across two weeks and staff will only visit one school a day. If you need to reinstate face-to-face delivery, please contact Georgina Chinaka as soon as possible so we can plan our timetables appropriately.
Phone: 01642 728472

eLearning support and home learning packs

Staff may be able to support students with eLearning access if language is a barrier. Home learning packs are available for children awaiting school places. Advisory support As always, EMAT is available to provide advisory support to schools. Please contact EMAT you have any concerns regarding EAL teaching and learning, ethnic minority inclusion, or home/school liaison.

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