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Choice Advice Service

The Choice Advice Service is an independent, impartial service offering information, advice, guidance and support to parents and carers in relation to education choices, including applying for a school place, transferring schools, appealing for a school place and elective home education.

The Choice Advice Service can provide:

  • information, advice and support on all aspects of the school admissions process, including school transfers
  • individual support and guidance
  • assistance with completing the relevant forms
  • a wide range of information on local schools
  • support to parents and carers in making informed and realistic decisions
  • information about admission appeals and assistance with the appeals process
  • guidance to families who have moved to the area and who need school places
  • independent advice in relation to elective home education

You can speak to the Choice Adviser by phone or email, or request an appointment, by contacting:

Genette McSorley
Choice Adviser
Phone: 01642 201872
Mobile: 07976553390