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Key school admissions documents

The school admissions guide explains the admission arrangements for primary and secondary schools in Middlesbrough.

View the school admissions guide for parents 2024-2025.

This guide is for the academic year 2024-2025. It covers applications for Reception and Year 7 for the September 2024 intake, and gives information about mid-year school transfers during 2023-2024.

You may also want to know about school admission zones.

Supplementary form for Roman Catholic primary school applicants


You should complete this form if you're applying to Middlesbrough Council for a Reception place in September 2024 at a Roman Catholic primary school in Middlesbrough. You'll also need to provide copies of this form to every Roman Catholic school you're applying to.

Download the supplementary form in PDF format if you need to print the document. You'll then need to complete the form and post a copy to every Roman Catholic school you're applying to.

Download the supplementary form in DOCX (Microsoft Word) format. You can save this document to your computer, complete it, and send it by email to the Roman Catholic schools you're applying to. Email addresses for schools can be found on their websites.

Please remember that Roman Catholic schools will need to see copies of baptism certificates or letters from ministers of religion, which should be sent with the supplementary form.

Admissions guides from previous years


The admission guides for previous years are available below for reference only. They include statistics on Reception and Year 7 intakes for previous years, which may be of interest. This year's admission guide is for 2024-2025 and can be found above.

View the: