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Telecare Service

What is Telecare?

Telecare is peace of mind for you and your loved ones. It is a way of managing the risks of a person living at home. It can help you live independently in your own home, with the peace of mind that you have equipment in place to help you if it's needed.

Telecare equipment includes a range of sensors, detectors, monitors, and alarms tailored to your needs. These include motion sensors that will detect if you've fallen, sensors to detect environmental dangers like fire or carbon monoxide, sensors which detect when a door has been opened, or bogus caller alarms.

The Telecare sensors will raise an alarm at the local contact centre if there's an emergency.

How does it work?

An alarm unit is installed in your home next to a mains power supply. If a sensor is triggered, it will send an alert through the unit to the Contact Centre. You'll be connected to one of our experienced customer advisors, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to give you the help and support you need.

The customer advisor will try to speak to you. If they don't get a response, or it's an emergency, they'll get you the help you need.

How much does Telecare cost?

You may be asked to contribute towards paying for the Telecare service. It will depend on your financial situation.

Who would benefit from Telecare?

Anyone might benefit from the Telecare service, in particular:

  • older or vulnerable people
  • someone with a disability, to support them to live at home independently
  • a person being discharged from hospital

How can you get Telecare?

Whether it's for support to live at home independently, to offer peace of mind, or to help with a hospital discharge, we have a team of qualified trusted assessors who can assess your needs and decide on the best pieces of equipment to help you.

Contact us by calling 01642 726009 or emailing


You may also be interested in the Connect Service, which provides emergency help and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lots of people can benefit from Connect. It can help if you feel vulnerable or unsafe at home, have a disability or medical condition, or care for someone. ​Find out more about Connect.

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