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One Planet Living

One Planet Living is the tool used in Middlesbrough to describe healthy and sustainable living in a simple way. The basis of One Planet Living is that if everyone on Earth consumed resources as we do in the UK, we would need three planets to sustain us. We have only one planet, so we need to reduce our use of resources, but in a way that helps local people improve their quality of life, and save money.

One Planet Living consists of ten easy to understand principles that enable individuals, communities and organisations to become more sustainable. Middlesbrough is one of only three local authorities in the country to be accredited as a One Planet Region by international charity Bioregional.

Maintaining Middlesbrough’s One Planet Living status is a priority within the Mayor’s vision; there's a town-wide action plan for continuing to deliver One Planet Living. For more information visit One Planet Living or Middlesbrough's One Planet Living campaign.

Affordable Warmth

A wide range of support is available for people vulnerable to the cold weather and those in fuel poverty. The range of support available includes emergency heating, boiler repairs, fuel switching, welfare benefits advise, befriending and social support, home insulation, and energy efficiency services. For more information visit Middlesbrough Environment City.