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Taxi licensing fees

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Vehicles Cost

New Hackney Carriage (including tests, livery and plates)

Hackney Carriage renewal (including tests and plates)

£268 (over 3 years)

£230 (under 2 years)

New Private Hire (including tests, livery, plates and operator levy)

Private Hire renewal (including tests plates and levy)

£254 (over 3 years)

£216 (under 3 years)
Vehicle re-test

Full £38 (£46 if retest involves meter test)  

Partial £23 (£31 if retest involves meter test)

Drivers Costs
New (including knowledge test)

£225 (1 year)

£310 (3 year)


£122 (1 year)

£209 (3 year)


£44 (standard)

£58.99 (expedited)

Knowledge test (re-tests) £52
Conversion to Dual Licence £42
Private Hire Operators Costs
New application

£646 (1 year)

£1246 (5 year)


£571 (1 year)

£1207 (5 year)

2019 consultation

In 2019, we carried out a comprehensive review of fees and charges relating to the licensing of Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles and drivers, and Private Hire operators. A 40 day consultation was then carried out, before the report on taxi licensing fees was approved by the council. The new fees came into operation on 1 September 2019.

View the taxi licensing report (PDF).

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