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Mayor, Councillors and Committees

Councillor allowances and expenses

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Councillors are entitled to a range of allowances for carrying out their council duties. We keep a public register of allowances and expense claims for all councillors. This year's register, as well as registers from past years, can be found in the documents section below.

What allowances are given

We appoint an independent panel to advise on the allowances which are paid to Councillors. Full council (all councillors) sets the levels of allowances, taking into consideration the recommendations of the panel.

Allowances paid to councillors are made up of the following:

Basic allowance

For 2022-2023, the basic allowance for councillors is £7,608. The same basic allowance must be paid to all councillors. They can also claim a broadband and phone allowance of up to £25 per month.

Special responsibility allowance

Councillors who have a role with extra responsibility can be paid a special responsibility allowance. For example, executive members or committee chairs.

The amount of special responsibility allowance depends on the level of responsibility the councillor has. Roles which are entitled to special responsibility allowance are listed in the 'members' scheme of allowances'.

Travel and subsistence allowances

If a councillor incurs costs while carrying out an approved council duty, they can claim travel expenses. Travel expenses are paid at the Inland Revenue rate (currently 45 pence per mile).

If a councillor is acting as the authorised representative of the council at a meeting, conference, or seminar, they can claim a subsistence allowance (for example, to pay for food).

They can also claim for the cost of standard rail, taxi, and bus fares, and other direct costs. Claims must be supported by receipts.

Dependent carer's allowance

Councillors can claim dependent carer's allowance if they incur costs while arranging care for children or dependants while they are undertaking approved council duties.

The allowance is paid per hour, and is in line with the National Living Wage.

Members' scheme of allowances

The members' scheme of allowances is part of the Middlesbrough Council constitution. This includes information about all allowances available to councillors.

Records of councillor allowances

The latest councillor allowances data is available on the open data website. Data from previous years is also available.