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School admission zones

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All schools in Middlesbrough, with the exception of Trinity Catholic College and Outwood Academy Riverside, currently use admissions zones (or catchment areas) as part of their oversubscription criteria.

From September 2022, Outwood Academy Acklam and Outwood Academy Ormesby will no longer have admission zones. More information is available below.

Living in the admission zone for a school doesn't guarantee your child a place at that school.

In general, applicants who live within the admission zone of a school will be given higher priority than those who live outside the zone. However this is not a guarantee of a place in the school as other children may have a higher priority depending on the school's oversubscription criteria. It also depends on how many other pupils apply.

You should consider applying for your admission zone school as one of your school preferences.

Disclaimer: the drawings on this webpage are indicative only, and you should check the information before acting or relying on it. In particular, if a property is close to a boundary line it may not be accurate and you should check directly with the School Admissions Team.

Primary schools

All homes in Middlesbrough will be in two admission zones for primary schools: a faith school and a non-faith school.

View the primary school admission zones drawing for an indication of admission zones for non-faith schools.

For details of the admission zones for Middlesbrough faith schools (Roman Catholic), please refer to the schools' own websites.

Secondary schools

The majority of homes in Middlesbrough will be in an admission zone for one of the following secondary schools: Acklam Grange School, Outwood Academy Acklam, Outwood Academy Ormesby, The King’s Academy, and Unity City Academy.

View the current secondary school admission zones drawing for an indication of these schools' admission zones. These zones apply from September 2021 to September 2022.

Outwood Academy Acklam and Outwood Academy Ormesby have reviewed their admission policies and from September 2022, will no longer have admission zones. View the secondary school admission zones (September 2022 onwards) drawing, which will be applicable to Middlesbrough secondary schools from September 2022. The map does not include Macmillan. If you're applying for a place in Y7 for September 2022, the new admission zones will apply.

Some properties in the Marton and Nunthorpe areas will be in the Nunthorpe Academy admission zone (that school is in Redcar and Cleveland council area). Please refer to the Nunthorpe Academy website for details of their admission zone.

Macmillan Academy's admission zone covers a wide area, including parts of Middlesbrough. Some properties may therefore also be in this admission zone. Please refer to Macmillan Academy's website for details of their admission zone and oversubscription criteria.

Trinity Catholic College no longer has an admission zone as part of their oversubscription criteria. Please refer to Trinity Catholic College's website for full details of their oversubscription criteria.

Middlesbrough's new school, Outwood Academy Riverside, does not have an admission zone as part of their oversubscription criteria.

Find out more

For information on all mainstream schools in Middlesbrough including oversubscription criteria, admission numbers, and statistics from previous years' intakes, please see the School Admissions Guide for Parents booklet.

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