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School transfers

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In-year transfer requests are applications for school places outside the usual primary school (Reception class) and secondary school (Year 7) admissions processes, which take place from September. This includes children moving between schools within Middlesbrough, or children moving into Middlesbrough from another area or another country.

If your family has moved into the area, or moved house and the distance to school is too great to travel, then you can request a transfer between schools.

If you want to discuss or apply for a mid-year transfer, please contact the School Admissions Team for an application form.

Please contact the Ethnic Minority Achievement Team if you're an international new arrival to Middlesbrough, a Traveller, fair or circus family, or a family for whom English is an additional language. The team can provide support like helping you to complete mid-year transfer applications and other school admission forms.

Is a school transfer the best option?

Sometimes parents may want to transfer their child to another school for reasons other than moving house. We discourage unnecessary transfers between schools as it's vital that a child has consistency in their education. Changing school is a crucial decision to make and may affect your child’s education. Research has shown that in-year moves can be highly disruptive, and could affect your child’s future achievement.

If your child is already attending a school in Middlesbrough, we advise that you discuss your reasons for wanting to change schools with your child's current school before completing a transfer request form. It's rare that a transfer to another school gets rid of a child's difficulties, which are best addressed at their current school.

Once you've considered the above information, and have discussed and attempted to resolve issues with the current school, if you still want to proceed with a transfer request, please contact the School Admissions Team for advice about submitting a written request for a change of school.

The request must be countersigned by the current school and returned to the address given on the transfer form.

Admissions criteria

If a parent states a preference for a school place and that school has a place available then generally a place would be offered. There are instances when there may be exceptions to this.

If there are two applications and only one place in a school, the school will apply its oversubscription criteria in order to allocate the available place. The oversubscription criteria are listed in the Primary and Secondary Education in Middlesbrough document.

Own admission authority schools

The own admission authority schools in Middlesbrough are Roman Catholic schools, academies, and foundation schools. A request for a transfer to a school which is its own admission authority must be made to us (the council), and we will then send it to the relevant school. The school concerned will make a decision on the transfer application, not the council.

Community schools

Community schools are any other schools than the ones listed above under 'own admission authority schools'. When a transfer involves admission to a community school, we (the council) will consider the request. Pupils who meet the admissions criteria of the school concerned will be given priority for admission. The criteria are set out in the Primary and Secondary Education in Middlesbrough document.


If you request a transfer to a school which is full and a place is refused, you have the right to appeal the decision.

Failing to get a place

If a child isn't on a school roll and can't get a school place through normal admissions procedures, the Local Authorities Fair Access Protocol may apply. Read more about the Fair Access Protocol.

Please note that transfer application requests will be put on hold during school holidays. Applications will only be sent to schools when staff are available to consider them.

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